Warehouse for the safe storage ZhelDorEhkspediciya Severnyj

Moscow, North-Eastern administrative okrug, Ilimskaya St., 3-А-2
Technical specifications:
Class С
Number of floors 5 Floor
Ramp Yes
Engineering systems:
Storage type Dry storage
Ventilation Natural
Fire fighting system Sprinkler system
Heating Yes
Fire alarm system Yes
Height ceiling 5 - 8 m
Floor types Concrete floor with anti-dust coating
Floor level 1.2
Column grid 6 x 6 m
(cargo vehicles) 1 place
(cars) 1 place
Region North-Eastern administrative okrug
District Lianozovo
Metro station Altufevo
Address Ilimskaya St., 3-А-2
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Safe storage fee
A partial list of services for storage and processing of goods in the warehouse Unit of measure Price
Storage of europallets pallet on request
Loading / unloading (mechanized) pallet on request
Loading / unloading (manual) box / package on request
Packing with stretch tape pallet on request
Providing a tray operation on request
Barcoding with manufacturing of labels unit on request
* Tariffs are provided for reference. The company practices an individual approach to each client, so we recommend that you contact our specialists for the calculation of tariffs.
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